Being a great provider to your clients is about more than just offering great warranty policies. Warranty services also include administration and underwriting services, and at Capital Home and Auto, we are the best in the business. We help you manage incoming claims, get paperwork and essential information processed, and guarantee that your customers will get their payments when one of our policies needs to be paid out.

At Capital Home and Auto, we also understand that fast turnarounds and quick answers are the most important factors for your customers when they are in a crisis. That’s why our team is staffed with proven professionals who can help you with your needs quickly and efficiently, so there’s less waiting time between when a claim is filed and when it pays out.

What is Administration & Underwriting?

When a claim needs to be processed, there are a set of steps that need to be taken. The issue needs to be examined by a professional so a diagnosis can be made, an official claim needs to be filled out and filed with the right authority, and the claim needs to be reviewed and processed to ensure that it is legitimate. All of this takes experience, time, and knowledge that the average auto owner or homeowner doesn’t have. And trying to administer and manage all the claims you get from clients can be overwhelming to attempt on your own. That’s why a claim process needs to be made as effortless as possible to ensure a prompt response and payout so the customer can address the issue and resolve it.

Underwriting is a way to guarantee claims so that there’s never any lack of payout on a legitimate claim. By accepting liability and ensuring that a payment is guaranteed, our team expedites the claims process and makes it easy for your customers to get the payouts, replacements, and repairs they need as laid out in their warranty policies. This helps reduce downtime, gets auto owners back on the road, and ensures homeowners can live in the best conditions as soon as possible. And when your customers are happy, we at Capital Home and Auto are also happy.

Why Administration & Underwriting Matters to Customers

For customers, there’s nothing more frustrating than the time spent between a breakdown and a solution. Waiting for the warranty to be fulfilled can be extremely stressful, particularly if a car is out of commission or a home is in need of a major repair until the warranty claim goes through. Because of that, customers who have filed claims can become tense, upset, and hurt if they think the warranty company or your company is holding back on purpose.

To assuage these thoughts and help build a foundation of trust, it’s important for claims to be processed quickly and for there to be a clear path to a resolution. If you struggle to manage the claims being filed or don’t have the administrative team on hand to make sure things are done correctly the first time, it can lead to further complications in your relationship with the customer. By relying on the expertise of Capital Home and Auto, you can rest assured that claims are filed quickly, correctly, and as efficiently as possible.

Administration & Underwriting at Capital Home and Auto

At Capital Home and Auto, we have a team of dedicated professionals who have years of experience in processing claims, managing warranty accounts, and underwriting for clients, so that you know certain things are being done the right way. Our dedication to the end consumer means that we are willing to put in the work necessary to facilitate healthy relationships with customers and provide you and your team with the support you need for claims management.

We aren’t afraid to invest resources in administration services for warranty claims because we understand how important it is for a claim to be reviewed and accepted as quickly as possible. Our team works hard to ensure that we utilize all the tools possible, like advanced software and systems, to get claims processed in the most expedient manner.

Partner with Capital Home and Auto Today for Administration & Underwriting Services

There’s nothing as reassuring as a good support team behind you. That’s why Capital Home and Auto wants to partner with you today. When you have a great team for underwriting and administrative tasks, you know that you can promise your customers what they want to hear. And by working with Capital Home and Auto, you also get support when it comes to building better relationships with customers to turn them into lifelong supporters of your brand and your business. Reach out to us and contact Capital Home and Auto today to begin our partnership.