Who We Serve

At Capital Home and Auto, we are proud to offer home and auto warranty service solutions to a wide variety of businesses, individuals, and industries. Regardless of what type of business you are, we have the experts on staff to give you the personal attention you need. We’re proud that we have the background necessary to deliver exceptional services to you and your company and can’t wait to share that expertise with you.

Auto Dealers

Auto dealers understand more than anyone how important it is to have warranties available to offer customers. Every time you sell a vehicle, you need to think about how you can offer even more value to your customers and help them avoid costly auto repairs and expensive breakdowns that they need to pay for out of pocket. Building trust with your customer base comes from having a great partner at your side for warranty services. Capital Home and Auto provides the perfect partnership for you to help support your customers and grow your own business.

Auto dealers also understand how important it is to have a wide variety of options on hand to offer customers for their unique situations. We offer many varieties and styles of warranties along with customization opportunities so you can deliver exactly what your customers expect from a great auto dealer. And our team of experts can help you discover exactly what opportunities you might be missing out on so you can improve customer relations.


Capital Home and Auto is the perfect partner for agents. We can boost your efforts and provide the backup and support you need when you don’t have an entire team working with you. We also know the best ways to help you with administrative work and underwriting, so you can spend more time focusing on your own customers. When you partner with Capital Home and Auto, you know that the people you work with are the best for the job. We’re proud of the relationships we build with agents across the country and know that our warranty options will help take you to the next level.

As an agent, you also know the importance of being flexible and offering variety to your clients. With Capital Home and Auto as your warranty service provider, you can have access to all the options you would ever need to offer customers. Our team can help you explore our warranty products and find the best solutions, so your customers get the best possible experience every time they work with you.

Credit Unions

Lending institutions and banking facilities like credit unions are constantly working with new people and different types of loans. By partnering with Capital Home and Auto, credit unions are able to connect with even more customers and provide extension and warranty options to help any customer feel more confident in their borrowing. When your customers have faith in your credit union, you can help encourage them to go for their dreams and rely on you for financial security.

When you work with such a wide variety of customers, having options is necessary to make sure customers get what they need. Rather than limiting your lending institution to a small handful of warranty options, Capital Home and Auto ensures that you have a full range to offer. This helps you build that all-important trust in your customer base and deliver exceptional customer experiences that they will remember. The more people trust you, the more likely they are to come back for their next financial request.

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Employee Benefits Companies

Helping employees and companies work together is a major goal of employee benefits companies. You want to ensure that companies have policies to offer their teams that encourage them to stick around and help protect their most valuable assets. At the same time, you need to work with employers so that they get the best possible deal for their teams. We can help with home and auto warranty extensions and policies that will delight your customers.

We excel at helping provide our customers with a large number of policies and options, so you can provide plans to suit the individual needs of your customers. When you work for an employee benefits company, having a variety of options is a major component of building trust and giving your customers what they are asking for. In addition, at Capital Home and Auto, our team of experts can help you customize plans and create more flexibility for your customers.

Home Warranty Providers

Capital Home and Auto has worked with home warranty providers for years, helping you give customers the policies and warranty services needed to help your customers protect their most valuable assets. Security, safety, and peace of mind are all priorities for us that you can pass on to your customers. When homeowners know that they are protected in the face of breakdowns or bad situations, they have more faith in your services and your ability to work with them.

With the different policy options that Capital Home and Auto has available, you can find the best home warranty options and make sure that your own customers see those options and can pick what suits them best. We can help you find customizable, flexible plans that work for homeowners no matter what type of property they own or where they live. We’re happy to be the providers of all your warranty services, including underwriting and administration, to help you focus on the bigger details of customer success.

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When you partner with Capital Home and Auto, you can supplement your team and extend your capabilities. We are standing by ready to help you grow your business and increase revenue by helping your own customers get the most out of their warranty services. To learn more, contact us today and see why working with Capital Home and Auto can make a difference in your business.