Credit Unions

Lending institutions are constantly involved in the home and auto purchasing process. By offering loans, financial services, and oversight into the process, you can help people achieve their dreams and get the vehicles and homes that they’ve been waiting for. However, when people are making such big purchases, it’s important to have the right options on hand that will support your customers and help you have confidence in their purchase decisions. That’s where Capital Home and Auto comes in. Our team equips you with the tools you need to provide value to your customers and make their purchases even more secure for better, healthier long-term relationships.

When the economy is questionable and people are uncertain about making large purchases like homes and vehicles, you know that there is hesitancy when it comes to approaching a lending institution like your credit union. Without the right solutions, customers might get too nervous and avoid making a purchase at all. Part of what you can do to temper that uncertainty is provide exceptional warranty services that deliver coverage and protection for those big, important purchases in people’s lives.

Just offering a low APR isn’t going to convince a customer that your financial institution or credit union is the right choice when it comes to making a big-ticket purchase. That’s why Capital Home and Auto takes the extra step by providing warranty and extension options that really make customers feel secure in their major life purchases. We help you stand out from the crowd of other credit unions by making your value even better than your competitors. By offering complimentary services to your financial solutions, you can help build value, peace of mind, and security with your customers.

Customers who are looking to purchase a home or vehicle are concerned about issues like sudden loss of income and unexpected repairs that can make it difficult for them to keep up on payments or maintain ownership of their property. By having warranty solutions on hand, you can help protect their most valuable assets and give your customers more certainty when it comes to partnering with you.

At Capital Home and Auto, we understand the complexities of the lending business and how you have unique needs for working with customers and borrowers. Whether you offer solutions alone or work as a finance partner for dealerships and agents, we are standing by to help you make a difference in the lives of your members and customers. We want to help you grow and increase profitability so that you can move forward knowing you’re doing all you can to offer the most value to your audience.

Our team of experts can help you create customized solutions for your clients’ needs, as well as offer advice and expertise in the warranty services area, so that you know exactly what needs to be done to assure your customers about their major purchases. We can even help you develop better strategies for selling so that you can increase your sales and boost profitability.

At Capital Home and Auto, we help you create value-based messaging that will prove to your members that you have the best options on hand for warranties and extensions. We will also help you increase your sales by closing more loans and getting more people to have faith in your lending institution. By building trust and loyalty in your credit union, you are able to foster more long-term relationships with members who are planning on sticking around for the long haul. We help you become a strategic, valuable partner in the eyes of your customers and your other partners like dealerships and home warranty providers. No matter what your end goals are, Capital Home and Auto is ready to help you achieve those goals.

Building a long-term partnership with an expert warranty services company starts here. Contact Capital Home and Auto today to start your journey with us. We are experts at helping credit unions and financial institutions close more deals and give out more loans with the security of a robust warranty policy. We can’t wait to hear from you so we can begin our partnership today.