Vehicle Service Contracts

We at have been providing and administering vehicle service contracts for 30 years. We have become experts at continually inovating to help maximize our client’s profits. Do you need an experienced partner to help you grow?  That’s where Capital Home and Auto comes in.

At Capital Home and Auto, we know how important it is for your customers to have the coverage they need for issues that come up on the road. That’s why we work so hard to provide warranty policies, extensions, and administrative services that support your efforts with customers and create more value in your partnership. We know that there’s no way to prevent every breakdown or problem that occurs on the road, but we can give you the tools you need to help ease the minds of your customers and cover more than a base factory warranty will. When drivers have peace of mind and clarity on the road, they are much happier and more likely to return to you for more services in the future.

Why Automotive Repair Matters to Customers

A vehicle is a major purchase for most customers. They have spent hours researching the best vehicles, going over their finances to find a price range, and searching to locate that special car. The time and effort they put into the search; however, can all go out the window if they run into an issue with the vehicle down the line and don’t have the coverage, they need to protect their investment. That leads to frustration, anger, and stress.

When a customer is looking to purchase a car or other vehicle, the protection that they get needs to provide the most value to them. As a dealer, agent, or lending institution, you need to have policies and strategies on hand to offer more coverage and extensions on warranties to your customers. This gives them the option of adding on to their policy and creating custom solutions that will protect them on the roadway.

When a customer feels as though you are giving them the best deal, the most coverage, and the attention they deserve, they are much more likely to trust you and your business. This can lead to happy, long-term relationships where you become their go-to company for all their vehicle needs or new purchase agreements. Therefore, it’s important to foster that relationship with great warranty services and policy options that can support that ongoing relationship.

Automotive Repair at Capital Home and Auto

At Capital Home and Auto, we want to do our best to provide exceptional services and help you give customers the warranty extension and coverage options they need. That’s why we offer a wide array of policy choices. We also have experts on hand to help you customize your automotive repair policies so that they cover exactly what the customer needs. We know that building relationships with your customers requires high-quality products and best in class solutions, so we are dedicated to matching you with the right policy and helping you craft the perfect solution for all your customer needs.

While factory warranties cover some issues, other concerns like electric vehicle upgrades, regular maintenance, theft, breakdowns, and tire and wheel damage aren’t included in those policies. That’s why having an additional warranty policy can help you give customers more options, so they avoid costly fixes and repairs that put them in the red. No matter what type of vehicles you sell, we have policies and deals on hand that can help you extend and cover more issues than a factory warranty and deliver exceptional services to your customers.

To learn more about our specific policies and see what accommodations can be made for your business, be sure to contact Capital Home and Auto so that you can explore every option available and find the best flexible, customized solutions that will help your customers get the coverage they deserve.

Partner with Capital Home and Auto Today for Automotive Repair Services

At Capital Home and Auto, we are experts in automotive repair services and warranties that help you give your customers the protection they need so that they can drive with confidence. Whether they want to try and cover one specific issue or get a lifetime warranty for their vehicle, Capital Home and Auto has the solutions you need to deliver that perfect customer experience to your clients.

Our automotive repair services are top-of-the-line, and as industry leaders, we have over 20 years of experience in helping businesses like yours get the options they need to make customers happy and build better relationships. We know how important peace of mind is for drivers, so we work hard to make sure that you have all the tools you need to make your customers happy and excited to come back for more services in the future.

We also offer administration and underwriting services that help you manage your customers and their claims. We help you every step of the way, so when you partner with Capital Home and Auto, you are partnering with a long-term company that is here to make sure you grow profitably and increase your business.