Home Protection

Purchasing a home is sometimes the biggest decision that an individual or family faces. It’s a huge responsibility, a big cost, and an investment that hopefully pays off in the future after equity is built and the home is ready for sale. When a person decides that it’s time to purchase a home, there are many steps they need to go through from getting financing to finding the area they want to live, searching the housing market, working with realtors, lenders, and agents, and finally closing and signing on the home.

However, there is always a risk when purchasing a home. Houses break down and experience regular wear and tear over time. And that’s does not include the additional challenges that a homeowner might face, like natural disasters, problems with plumbing and electrical systems, and pipe bursts or water damage. While a homeowners insurance policy might cover most of these issues, there are still areas of coverage that aren’t addressed and are still vulnerable. That’s where Capital Home and Auto comes in to help support businesses like yours and offer more protection options to homeowners.

What is Home Protection?

A home warranty works as a type of additional protection for a home. A homeowners insurance policy will cover some areas of the home in case of damage, theft, or natural disaster, but there are still areas of the home that are vulnerable as they are uncovered by any policy. That means if something goes wrong, there might be a risk of expensive bills and repairs, some of which might be out of the budget of most homeowners. That makes a home protection policy all the more important.

Home protection policies often cover issues like appliances and systems within the home that aren’t under the jurisdiction of the insurance policy. Those areas that still need coverage include:

  • Refrigerators: Fridges are essential home appliances that cost a good deal of money. While the individual refrigerator might have a warranty, it’s often limited, has a short coverage span, and doesn’t include any damage to the home that might occur from an issue with the appliance. A home protection warranty will take care of those issues.
  • Built-in Dishwashers: Dishwashers are another appliance that can have limited or no warranty. In addition, they connect directly to water lines and can cause a lot of damage when broken or in need of repair.
  • Microwaves: A microwave is often a go-to instrument in a home, and while some base models are inexpensive, they become much more costly when they are built into the kitchen and can’t be easily replaced. Having an additional warranty can go a long way in protecting the interests of customers.
  • Cooking Ranges: Cooking ranges like ovens and other cooktops are, again, essential in most kitchens and where food is prepared. They are connected to electrical or gas lines and can cause many issues if they are in need of repair or replacement. The additional warranty helps to protect against costly damage and fixes.
  • Garbage Disposals: A garbage disposal is built into the sink and can’t be easily accessed or repaired by most homeowners. That’s why an additional policy that addresses garbage disposals can help cut down on costs and headaches.
  • Clothes Washer: A clothes washer is an expensive piece of equipment that, again, might have a limited warranty but isn’t covered under most plans or insurance policies. A home protection warranty will make sure your washer is covered.
  • Clothes Dryer: Similar to the clothes washer, a clothes dryer is expensive and often has a limited factory warranty that won’t last long. A home protection warranty will cover the dryer for as long as you have it, rather than just a few years.
  • Heating Systems: A heating system goes through the entirety of the home and shows up in every room. However, if something goes wrong, insurance won’t help you cover the cost of repairs or even replace the system. That can lead to huge bills and a major inconvenience to homeowners without a home protection policy.
  • Air Conditioning Systems: In certain parts of the country, things can get deadly without proper air conditioning. However, an air conditioner system isn’t covered under insurance and can cost thousands of dollars to replace or repair. Thankfully, a home protection policy will address the issue.
  • Electrical Systems: Electrical systems don’t just control all the appliances, lights, and features of a home. They also connect all the wiring and can lead to fire and even more damage if left untreated when an issue arises. A home protection policy helps temper the cost of electrical repairs.
  • Pre-existing Conditions: Just like people, homes can have pre-existing conditions when the home is bought. This can mean that your home has issues that went undiscovered during the inspection and aren’t covered by your insurance policy. If you don’t have a home protection policy that includes pre-existing conditions from the time of purchase, you could be paying out of pocket for the entire project at the beginning of owning your home.
  • Plumbing: Your plumbing is essential to your home, and when it goes wrong, it can really go wrong, leading to water damage and serious flooding. A home protection policy can help protect you from plumbing damage and issues, so you don’t need to worry.
  • Water Heater: No matter how much you enjoy cold showers, you need to have a water heater in your house. This piece of equipment can be expensive to repair and even more expensive to replace, so having the right warranty policy will help cover some of the costs.

Why Home Protection Matters to Customers

A home is the most important asset in most customers’ lives. When something goes wrong, it can be devastating—both emotionally and financially. When you offer protection and support to your customers that help cover some of the areas of homeownership that aren’t typically included in traditional policies, you can help ease their concerns and provide peace of mind. When a customer knows they can rely on you to handle some of their most stressful moments, it creates a powerful bond that lasts long beyond the initial policy.

When a homeowner trusts you, whether you work at a financial institution, a home warranty office, or any other type of benefits company, they are more likely to recommend you to others and speak highly about your services. They will also consider you the next time they need a home protection policy, so having options available helps to build goodwill and positive feelings towards your brand.

Home Protection at Capital Home and Auto

Capital Home and Auto is an expert at helping you build your business and create better options for your customers. We can help you educate your clients and provide excellent products and services to help you win more sales and stand out from other warranty providers. We give clients the industry-best coverage they deserve and ensure that you have peace of mind when it comes to risk mitigation. With our mission in place to be a leader, we help guide you and protect the budget of your clients at the same time.

At Capital Home and Auto, we know all about the importance of consumer protection and why home warranty coverage is so important to homeowners. We have over 20 years of experience in helping homeowners get the most out of their policies and offering that support to our customers by managing claims and warranty solutions. We want to make sure that you provide peace of mind to your customers and have innovative solutions ready to go so you can customize a plan that fits your customers’ needs. No matter what kind of home protection service you are looking for, Capital Home and Auto is waiting to help.

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If you are looking for a warranty services partner to help you improve your home protection offerings to customers, then look no further than Capital Home and Auto. We are able to give you the security and tools you need to deliver exceptional experiences to customers, grow your business, and increase profitability as you work hard to build long-lasting relationships with your clients.